With great attention to detail the wallets of this collection have been entirely crafted by hand. A chic, sharp silhouette and meticulously structured interior turn these fine leather accessories into an ideal companion for the modern, ambitious gentleman and businessman. Each of the models are characterized by highest storing capacity. This way, all your coins, receipts, bills and cards are sure to find a safe place inside these wallets. The most extraordinary trait of the collection is the RFID-blocking technology: Credit cards and IDs with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chips or integrated NFC (Near Field Communication) technology are highly convenient, but they come with a serious risk: Your personal information becomes easily accessible for anyone with a counterfeit RFID reader. These wallets acts as a protective shield for your RFID-enabled cards. An embedded RFID-blocking sheet restricts data chips from sending out signals while the wallets are closed. Your personal information will be kept safe!