Enjoy the exquisite quality of Lindberg & Sons leather accessories! High standards were also maintained during the development of Lindberg & Sons wallets which exude pure elegance. The premium leather, which is extra soft to the touch despite being highly robust, ensures long durability. A sleek, modern outside appearance is paired with a well-structured interior which contains sufficient compartments for all of your cards. Each wallet comes in a stylish original Lindberg & Sons box and warranty card.


The Business Collection by Lindberg & Sons features wallets which have been specially designed for men who are always on the go, active and energetic. To meet their demands the wallets have a very sleek and minimalistic design. The focus lies on the wallets’ high practicality and functionality. Equipped with sufficient compartments and pockets they are sure to safely store away all your cards, bills, coins and receipts. Optimal measurements make sure that the wallets lie comfortably in the hand and fit perfectly into pockets and bags. Indeed the perfect companion for business men, globetrotters and the modern day urban gentleman in general!



The Lindberg & Sons Lifestyle Collection consists of models which suit the tastes of Metropolitans who value great style. The wallets in this collection are both highly practical and highly stylish. Inside you get plenty of room to store your credit cards, bills, coins and more. While the outside and overall design impresses with a remarkably chic and modern look. Created with attention to the smallest details the collection aims to meet the demands of a fashion forward lifestyle.



The most extraordinary trait of the collection is the RFID-blocking technology: Credit cards and IDs with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chips or integrated NFC (Near Field Communication) technology are highly convenient, but they come with a serious risk: Your personal information becomes easily accessible for anyone with a counterfeit RFID reader. These wallets acts as a protective shield for your RFID-enabled cards. An embedded RFID-blocking sheet restricts data chips from sending out signals while the wallets are closed. Your personal information will be kept safe!